Lakeshore Chorale


Lakeshore Youth Chorale

Currently consisting of three youth choirs, the Lyric Choir, the Jubilate Choir, and the Chamber Choir, the Lakeshore Youth Chorale is beginning its 18th season. Directed by Heather Hammond, and accompanied by Linda Ruona, and Emile Blasczyk, the choirs have a membership of over 100 area youth from Sheboygan County. Committed to learning a wide variety of musical styles, the Lakeshore Youth Chorale provides a rich musical experience for the children who sing, as well as those who hear them.

The Lakeshore Youth Chorale began as one choir, but as interest quickly grew, two more youth choirs were added. The main purpose of the Lyric Choir (mainly elementary-aged students) is to build a foundation in proper vocal technique and music reading through the use of solfege and quality literature. The Lyric Choir also strives to produce unified vowel and consonant sounds as it aims toward excellence in its repertoire.

The Jubilate Choir, mostly unchanged middle school students' voices, studies and performs quality music through which children continue to develop their singing voices and musicianship. Two- and three-part music is sung, along with several selections in foreign languages. Students sing different voice parts during the season, enabling them to further develop skills in harmony. Members of the Jubilate Choir have become leaders in their respective school and church choirs.

The Chamber Choir consists mainly of high-school youth with changed voices. Members continue to develop vocal and choral skills through more challenging three- and four-part music.

The three youth choirs join the Lakeshore Chorale in two concerts each year. They also present their own spring concert with music especially designed for young voices.

Membership in the Lakeshore Youth Chorale is by audition, held each spring and fall, or by appointment with the director. New members are accepted on the basis of vocal ability and commitment to the organization.